Thursday, 28 November 2013

RobSmithRugby - Launch

Really excited about the first RobSmithRugby session on Friday 29th Nov. The core activity involves movement and physical literacy, although in time I intend to offer more directly rugby related activities. 

So why this now ? Well it has been a couple of decades since lifestyles changed quite significantly within the modern world with the introduction of social communication networks and gadgets. There is plenty of early evidence that posture and natural movement has been negatively affected, we are yet to see the longer term affects. We can see the clearly the negative affects of changes to nutrition trends over the past 4 decades or so but yet to experience the long term affects from movement literacy defiecency.

Now I have been very lucky in my life to be able to follow my passion for rugby and since moving on from Wasps have been desperate to find a new and exciting project that I can engage with that will benefit and be of value to a wider audience. Well this is it. Those fortunate to be engaged with sport at an elite level will benefit already with movement literacy training however this is a very small percentage. Movement literacy is important to all, for all sports development, in all walks of life, simply we spend too much time sat in cars, looking at screens and watching TV. If you want to achieve in sport and maximise your natural ability you will need to be physically literate.

Hence Movement Literacy is the core of the business because without this nothing else works.

The most effective age bands for introduction of this programme are U13 to U15's and I intend to roll this out within Bucks over the next few months with sites in the North, South and centre of Bucks to reduce parent travel commitments and hence reduce their costs.

Tomorrow at the launch some 20 plus players will be attending and I will provide updates from this point. 

Contact me at for more information.

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