Sunday, 22 June 2014

How to exploit space out wide by pictures.

Picture 1) 3 men inside 5m channel. Space but not much. Passing player square pulling tackler onto them - hence preserving the space. The defender/tackler should drift/push out but he is sucked in by the quality of the pass.

Picture 2) Ball carrier is fixing defender with eyes and by staying square. Ball held high providing ability to pass left or right. Most important the ball carrier can advance very close to defender and still be able to pass, hence holding the defender.

Picture 3) Note the passer is engulfed by the defender - he has pulled him right into the tackle but the ball has gone into the space which has been preserved.

Winger is now away with one defender to beat. He cuts inside and feeds the 8 who goes in for a simple try. I say simple. I don't think many other teams in the world could do this, remembering two back row forwards were involved in the action. 

Pictures 4 and 5) Below.

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